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Our Services

Love Your Skin!

Our skin care services include treating hyperpigmentation, adult and hormonal acne, facial skin hydration,  facial skin texture, microdermabrasion and anti-aging treatments.

Facials - Cleanse and treat the facial conditions and textures. 

OxyGeno Facials - The world's leading facial technology.  

A  3-in-1 super facial treatment that enriches the skin with oxygen from within the body, while exfoliating and nourishing.  Promotes healing and rejuvenates sluggish, stressed skin depleted by toxins, pollutants, allergens, improper diet and solar damage.

Chemical Peels - an advanced level of exfoliation treating the top layer of facial skin for discoloration, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

I love my new glow after my OxyGeneo!  I'm rhyming:)

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